Stone Infinite - Product Design Show, Xiamen 2018

During the last edition of the Xiamen Stone fair, from 6 to 9 March 2018, simultaneously an exhibition” Stone Infinite-Product Design Show” was held with the objective of highlighting how natural stone could be used to create products of domestic use without excluding the design element, but also without forgetting that the functionality of an object should remain the main objective and, therefore, the appearance should be subject to the limitations of functionality.

A unique bar made in granite

In the restaurant “ A Barra”, in Madrid (Spain), which boasts of one Michellin star rating, the central bar is the most striking element of the place ( as suggested by the name “Barra” which mean Bar). Its dimensions and special characteristics, its elaboration, was a real challenge for all those who were involved in the project.

barra 1 copia.jpg

Xiamen Stone Fair 2018 - impressions

The Xiamen Stone fair, held annually from 6 to 9 March in the Chinese city, has always been an important indicator of the situation of the natural stone industry, not just in China but also in other countries. Normally held soon after the Chinese New Year, with the winter almost over in the northern hemisphere, it is especially important for the sellers of blocks, both marble and granite. During the 4 days duration of the fair those in mining of stone get a fairly reliable indication of what demand for their materials will be in the months ahead.

Marmomac, Verona 2017- A Report

At the end of a major international fair many people usually make a quick reflection by asking themselves (and others): How was the fair? How is the industry doing? What was new? For the exhibitor, who has usually spent a lot of money, the most important question is obviously- “How many orders did we get? How many enquiries did we get?