STONA 2023, Bengaluru (India): A report

A stone fair in India always has one major differential element compared to other fairs in the world- significant visibility of craftsmanship in stone, reflecting a millenium tradition. In that sense Stona 2023, held in Bengaluru on dates 15 to 18 February, after a gap of 3 years, lived up to its reputation. There were, of course, a large number of exhibitors displaying the wide variety of stones quarried and processed in the country and sold as blocks and slabs. There were also exhibitors of what is now becoming an important industry of quartz manufacturers,  apart from  an impressive number of suppliers of all kinds to the industry. There were also crowds, as always, this, after all,  being India. And there were also several 'serious' buyers, builders, architects, home owners looking to renovate. With the economy now growing fast, construction activity has picked up too. However, above all, it was the non- standard works in stone that stood out. We present a sample of these works.


Bhavya Art Gallery:


GTP Granites:


OM Exports:


SIVA Granites: