"The Distance that Unites": The works of the Galician sculptor Manolo Paz, integrated into the streets of Madrid

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the designation of the Landscape of Light (an area in the centre of Madrid comprising Paseo de Recoletos, Plaza de Cibeles and Paseo del Prado) as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the streets of Madrid has been hosting from 7 October 2022 to 11 December2022 the exhibition of the Galician sculptor Manolo Paz, "The Distance that unites", a travelling exhibition that has been in S

The "New Habitat" in the post-pandemic era: results of a study

Two years of pandemic and harsh confinement have caused us to rethink our way of life in many ways. One of these is housing: the impossibility of leaving home and the imposition of teleworking have made us more conscious of the spaces in which we spend our daily lives. We have become aware of the limitations of our homes in the face of this drastic change in the way we live and work.