ROCALIA Stone Fair 2023, Lyon (France) - A report

The ROCALIA fair in Lyon (France), held every 2 years, is the last trade show of the year, with the latest edition held on the dates 5 to 7 December. It also happens to be a unique fair within the stone industry in the sense it is the one with the greatest focus on landscaping as an application of natural stone, in a country where the culture of stone in this exterior application is highly appreciated and developed.

Perhaps no where else one sees such a range of textures and finishes of a limited range of stones, mostly local. In no other country do the architects and designers, aware of the possibilities offered by the latest tecnologies, give so much thought to the place of natural stone within the setting of a garden. There is also no other fair where one sees so many young people visiting the fair to learn in a serious way- something heartening where shortage of skilled workers is chronic.

The French market, booming till recently, has slowed down somewhat in recent months, high inflation and interest rates hurting demand and slowing down construction activity. However, compared to other European countries, France remains one of the most dynamic market with more value addition in stone than anywhere else.

This years edition also counted the biggest presence of exhibitors from the Iberian peninsula with presence of about 20 companies from Spain and Portugal. After all, the local capacity to fulfil demand in stone projects of a certain size remains limited, and stone companies from Spain and Portugal fill most of the gap.

The next edition will be held probably in December 2025.