Furniture in Natural Stone

Furniture- Sculpture in natural Stone designed by Karl Lagerfeld

The Gallery Carpenters Workshop in Paris organised during December, 2018, “Architectures”, the first exhibition on functional sculptures designed by the recently deceased Karl Lagerfeld inspired by ancient Greece as the origin of beauty, culture and modernity.  In this exhibition of furniture-sculptures what were displayed were tables, consoles, lamps and mirror frames made of white and black marbles, with a design that combines perfect proportions b

Stone dining / office tables

How many middle class homes exist on the planet? Perhaps difficult to calculate, since the definition of middle class varies from person to person, country to country. An approximate number, with ' middle class' being defined in the western sense, would perhaps lead to number somewhere between 300 to 500 million. Assuming every such home has a dining table, this would also be the number of dining tables in the world.