Personalised dining tables in natural stone

granisa table

Dining tables are actually something very personal, in most homes every person usually has a fixed place at meal times. Grandpa, Grandma, Dad and Mom usually occupy the head of the table, and the sons and daughters will usually sit in their ' reserved' chair. You know what happens when someone sits in the “wrong” place ! 

So why not make it more personalised? Why not engrave the names of each family person in their exclusive space on the family table and make the dining table very personal, unique, just for that family ?

mesa de comedor personalizada 2.jpg

Should there not be more of dining tables made of natural stone all over the world?

How many dining tables are there in the world ?About the same as the number of kitchen countertops that exist in the world. THAT is the size of the potential market.

The natural stone industry, especially those in granite, have focused mostly on  countertops as being one of the main applications. What about doing something new?

mesa de comedor personalizada 1.jpg