Industry Statistics

Exports and imports of natural stone of Brazil in 2017- a summary

Export turnover

Exports of Brazilian ornamental rocks and diverse products amounted to US$ 1.107 billion and 2.36 million tons in 2017. These figures mean a 2.74% decline in turnover and a 4.10% decline in physical volume as compared to the year 2016. Processed stone accounted for 80.45% of the total in 2017, similar to the figure of 80.15% in 2016.


Average price

Trade statistics of the natural stone industry in India, 2015-2016

The fiscal year in India ends on 31 March and not end of December as in most other countries, that is why annual official statistics have the years 2015-2016. While the export statistics for countries show figures on expected lines, the statistics for imports may give a dramatically different picture next year with the new more liberalised import policy for marble.