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Exports and imports of natural stone of Brazil in 2017- a summary

Export turnover

Exports of Brazilian ornamental rocks and diverse products amounted to US$ 1.107 billion and 2.36 million tons in 2017. These figures mean a 2.74% decline in turnover and a 4.10% decline in physical volume as compared to the year 2016. Processed stone accounted for 80.45% of the total in 2017, similar to the figure of 80.15% in 2016.


Average price

Trade statistics of the natural stone industry in India, 2015-2016

The fiscal year in India ends on 31 March and not end of December as in most other countries, that is why annual official statistics have the years 2015-2016. While the export statistics for countries show figures on expected lines, the statistics for imports may give a dramatically different picture next year with the new more liberalised import policy for marble.

The U.S.A. stone trade statistics 2014

The export statistics for natural stone to USA during 2014 reveal a disturbing trend when analysed in some detail. During the 2014 the US economy had already more or less recovered from the severe financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 and, for many businessmen in the industry it was almost back to normal. Anecdotal evidence suggests most of the wholesalers were seeing growth in their business, on average, to the extent of 20%, though the figure quoted offhand  obviously varied from person to person and company to company.