Chimneys of natural stone

Antonio Rosales (Spain)


Winter is here now and it looks as if we will be spending a lot of time in the home. There are few things that make one feel cosy than sitting in front of a chimney. They could be of classical designs or modern, there is something for all tastes. And always in natural stone.

Benches of natural stone

Benches are to be found just about everywhere. In the parks, on the pavements, in the shopping malls, in the bus stations, metros. People are always looking for them, for they are meant for the tired person who just wants to sit down somewhere for a few moments to relax before moving on.

Marmomac Designs: Marble Mix: excellence through interplay between natural stone and other materials

The Marmomac fair continues to investigate and showing the possibilities of marble in decoration with a selection of 10 projects that highlight combinations of marble with distinct materials to create furniture or original spaces, as well as surfaces, finishes, new effects and formats.