Stone in the Home

How to clean natural stone in the house

Teresa González Díez (

There are few people who would not like to have in their house some corner where natural stone is the main protagonist: a staircase, the floor of a living room, a chimney, the corner of the barbecue, or, more commonly, the counter-tops of a bathroom and the kitchen.

The main doubt that one often has, before installing stone in our house, is not, as many tend to think, its cost, but: how to clean it?

Selecting a Granite Kitchen Counter Top, II

Miguel Fabregues

This article follows on from our first one about choosing a granite counter-top. Here we publish another opinion on this issue- there are obviously similarities in criteria, but there can also be different sensibilities. Read on.

Would you like to put a granite counter-top in the kitchen?
One assumes the answer is “Yes”.

Is the floor of the kitchen already installed?