Stone in the Home

Bathtubs of natural stone, a true luxury

Taking a relaxing bath after a busy day of work is a pleasure that becomes a real luxury when it is taken in a bathtub made of natural stone. Because a bathtub of natural stone is unique, unrepeatable and there can never be two exactly the same. If to the uniqueness of natural stone we add design, we have infinite possibilities of a luxury experience. Just one choice to make: Oriental or Western Luxury?

Granite & Gold

The Italian Company Antolini Luigi has presented a unique and very original concept consisting of a fusion of dark polished granite and gold to create a highly luxurious ambience.

Stone in the garden

It is a lovely morning outside (or evening, or night)! A time to be sitting outside in the garden, with family, friends, or neighbors, enjoying a meal or just passing the time. Those memorable moments of life.

Sitting, where? Just look at these irresistible tables and chairs and benches made of natural stone!