Stone in the Home

Plates and trays made of natural stone



An application of stone that gives an original touch to the table during special dinners and even day to day ones: plates made of natural stone. Apart from the varieties that exist in a traditional crockery set (sizes, colours, qualities), be it in slate, marble or granite, the possibilities of elaboration in forms and textures are unimaginable. Below is a small sample of this unique application.

Chimneys of natural stone

Antonio Rosales (Spain)


Winter is here now and it looks as if we will be spending a lot of time in the home. There are few things that make one feel cosy than sitting in front of a chimney. They could be of classical designs or modern, there is something for all tastes. And always in natural stone.

Wine racks made of natural stone: Some original designs. (Spain)


Wine racks made of natural stone seem to be fast becoming a popular item in the market since a few months ago. With infinite designs possible and creativity being the only limitation, many stone companies have now started taking this application with huge market possibilities in a very serious way. Here are just a few designs made by Spanish stone fabricators.


Stone dining / office tables

How many middle class homes exist on the planet? Perhaps difficult to calculate, since the definition of middle class varies from person to person, country to country. An approximate number, with ' middle class' being defined in the western sense, would perhaps lead to number somewhere between 300 to 500 million. Assuming every such home has a dining table, this would also be the number of dining tables in the world.

Turkish stones for gardens

Stones add that special look to any garden in any house. That rustic, natural irregular shape of every stone helps to make every home garden unique in its own way. From Turkey comes a new variety of garden stones: a dazzling range of diverse colours and shapes. Our thanks to the Turkish company Med-Sinai for the photographs.

Tables and Benches in Natural Stone for the garden

When summer arrives, it is time to enjoy the good weather in that special place which those among us who are fortunate to possess- a garden. The tables and benches made of natural stone are perfect to create a unique and original corner in our garden. They never deteriorate with the passage of time, are easy to maintain, and create a special and spectacular atmosphere. A 100% natural product in a 100% natural environment. A perfect match.