Spiral stone sculptures of Somers Randolph for the garden

somers randolph

Teresa González Díez



The American sculptor, Somers Randolph, has been giving impossible forms to his creations for more than 40 years. Marble, granite, soapstone, alabaster, are transformed into complicated spirals, impossible curves and nodes that make it seem that the stones become soft before the eyes of the observer and admirer of his work. His creations can be found in private collections and museums in all the world.


He not only sculpts stone but also dares with glass and wood and, his designs been transformed into small jewels that enjoy great popularity. Among his collections in stone, apart from those destined to add beauty to any interior or any interior decoration that may be needed, there is one dedicated exclusively to sculptures for the garden.


To be sitting down in one's own garden and admire a work of art in stone, such as those of Somers Randolph is a pleasure for the higher spirits.



Somers Randolph