New Hard Surfaces

Mahi Granites and Krystallos

Mahi Granites and Krystallos

To meet the growing demand for the Natural Quartz Based Engineered Stone slabs , Mahi Granites Pvt Ltd has set up a State of the Art project at Hyderabad with a capacity to produce to 400,000 Sq Meters per Annum with the latest equipment to manufacture of Natural Quartz based Engineered  Stone Slabs.

Quantra presents Renaissance, a new collection in quartz surfaces

About Quantra
Quantra, a globally recognized brand in quartz surfaces across different nations is part of Pokarna Group which has varied interests, viz., Granite Mining & Processing, Apparel Manufacturing / Retailing & Textile distribution.
Based on exclusive Italian technology called Bretonstone licensed from Breton S.p.A Italy, the Quantra factory is located at Visakhapatnam (India).

An introduction

Porcelain, compact quartz, agglomerates… these new hard surfaces appeared in the building market just three decades ago and their extraordinary evolution, both technological as well as in marketing has meant they have succeeded in establishing in all the world markets and in applications that, till recently, were almost exclusive to natural stone.