Tables and Benches in Natural Stone

natural stone benches and tables

When summer arrives, it is time to enjoy the good weather in that special place which those among us who are fortunate to possess- a garden. The tables and benches made of natural stone are perfect to create a unique and original corner in our garden. They never deteroriate with the passage of time, are easy to maintain, and create a special and spectacular atmosphere. A 100% natural product in a 100% natural environment. A perfect match. It is like having a sculpture in your house, that unique corner which will last forever- in ones memories and in reality.

          Elegance Marble, Turkey                                                                 Fujian Bonan, China


              Michel Ophrey, Netherlands                                                                              Salihoglu Mermer, Turkey

                        Silex, Germany                                                                                   Wratz Limestone, Bulgary 

     Rossittis, Germany