Tables and Benches in Natural Stone

When summer arrives, it is time to enjoy the good weather in that special place which those among us who are fortunate to possess- a garden. The tables and benches made of natural stone are perfect to create a unique and original corner in our garden. They never deteroriate with the passage of time, are easy to maintain, and create a special and spectacular atmosphere. A 100% natural product in a 100% natural environment. A perfect match. It is like having a sculpture in your house, that unique corner which will last forever- in ones memories and in reality.

          Elegance Marble, Turkey                                                                 Fujian Bonan, China


              Michel Ophrey, Netherlands                                                                              Salihoglu Mermer, Turkey

                        Silex, Germany                                                                                   Wratz Limestone, Bulgary 

     Rossittis, Germany