Stone tables with design inspired by water forms

"Polo Sciolto", Luca Facchini / INTERMAC

"Polo Sciolto", Luca Facchini / INTERMAC


During Marmomac, Verona, 2018 six designers completed the challenge of capturing the forms of water modelled by streams, the sea and the rain in so contrasting a material as stone. In the "Ristorante dAutore" / STONE POOL that forms part of the representation of the Italian Theatre of Stone,  tables made in different natural stones with the state-of-the-art Italian technology, constituted the exhibition “The Shape of Water”, a combination of art and functionality that creates a magical, evocative surroundings.



Luca Facchini - Porto di Mare copia.jpg

“Porto di Mare”, Luca Facchini / LAVAGNOLI MARMI


Michela Baldessari- Specchio d'acqua copia.jpg

“Specchio d’acqua”, Michela Baldessari / MONDO MARMO DESIGN


Michela Baldessari_La Plage AcquaAzzurra copia.jpg

“La Plage Acqua Azurra”, Michela Baldessari / MONDO MARMO DESIGN


Paolo Criveller - Reflections copia2.jpg

“Reflections”: Paolo Criveller & Hiroyouki Yamada / INTERMAC


Paolo Criveller - Solid copia.jpg

“Solid”, Paolo Criveller / LAVAGNOLI MARMI


Silvia Sandini - Brezza di Mare copia.jpg

"Brezza di mare" Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.


Silvia Sandini - Stop plastic bag in the sea copia.jpg

"Stop plastic bags in the sea" Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.


Valerio Facchin - erosione copia.jpg

“Erosione”, Valerio Facchin / ATHENA MARMI


Valerio Facchin - Raining copia.jpg

“Raining",  Valerio Facchin / ESSEGI MARMI




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