Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Abu Dhabi)

It is the third biggest mosque in the world, with the capacity for 30000 people. Its is named after the founder and President of the United Arab Emirates, who is buried here. About 220.000 square metres of stone was used in the whole project.

The mosque has 4 minarets of 107 metres height, 57 domes decorated with white marble, the same as in interior decoration. The wall cladding is of 90000 square metres. The courtyard is paved with floral designs in marble, and occupies a surface of 17000 square metres. For its construction, 110.000 square metres of marble While Sivec, among other stones, was used.


Constructor: Six Construct and Arabian Construction Co., Joint Venture
Project Chief: Hill International
Design and Supervision: Halcrow Intl.
Installer: Haz Metal