Rehabilitation of the Medieval Market of Uncastillo (Zaragoza, Spain)

After almost 2 years of rehabilitation work, the Medieval Market of Unicastillo, Zaragoza, was inaugurated last 29 July as the headquarters of the UNCASTILLO Foundation. From here the Foundation will develop all its cultural program and patrimony management. " In the rehabilitation of this building, as far as possible, the original structure has been maintained. The reconstruction realized has been done only when the conserved remains have provided sufficient data about the original form. The traditional forms of construction in this area have been respected", points out the art historian Maria Pilar Navarro Echeverría. Also some of the original arches in stone which were lost, have been recovered.

The market has had different uses through the ages, which is reflected in the architecture structure. It was built in the X111 century as a medieval hospital and later used as a market for commercial transactions and centuries later was used as housing. Now, apart from being the headquarters of the Foundation, it will also be the offices for the future Centre of Diffusion of Medieval Culture.