Marmomac Designs: Marble Mix: excellence through interplay between natural stone and other materials

marmomac marble mix

The Marmomac fair continues to investigate and showing the possibilities of marble in decoration with a selection of 10 projects that highlight combinations of marble with distinct materials to create furniture or original spaces, as well as surfaces, finishes, new effects and formats.


Belgian designer Ben Storms balanced huge blocks of marble on metal "cushions". The InHale collection of coffee tables, presented for the first time at the Collectible Fair in Brussels, dispels the heaviness of the material through this gentle composition.

Credits: Ben Storms


Studio EO combines blown glass vases with fragments of waste marble to produce these colourful Drill Vases. They are conceived as "exercises in improvisation", since some of the pieces of marble already had holes, thereby giving rise to the idea of combining them with pure cylindrical shapes.

Credits: Studio EO


Fabio Novembre intersects a white marble statue with an architecture made up of wooden shelves to camouflage the human figure between words and objects. Although at different epochs, Novembre dialogues with Antonio Canova, with whom he shares a sensitivity for par excellence female beauty: Venus.

Credits: Driade


In this well-being bathroom designed by Alessandro La Spada, Corteccia slabs by Antolini poetically recall the veins of century-old trees, dialoguing elegantly with the metal profiles that frame the volumes of the storage space within pure and delicate geometry.

Credits: Antolini


The young Italian designer Ilaria Bianchi combines marble - the par excellence noble material - with a poor one normally used for packaging or as a thermal insulator: polystyrene. The outcome is the unique design of the limited edition Duo shelves.

Credits: Ilaria Bianchi


The Kane World Food Studio restaurant, designed by Bogdan Ciocodeica in Bucharest as an urban tropical oasis, presents a unique combination of materials: the large marble counter, concrete floor and pillars, wooden furniture, with brass mirrors and finishes.

Credits: Adrei Margulescu


The Voie Light project. The Stone Edition by Sabine Marcelis: blocks of marble and their pure volumes are criss-crossed by luminous circles to highlight veins and narrate the sedimentation of time. The lamps designed by Bloc Studio enhance the magic of marble thanks to the neon landscape.

Credits: Bloc Studio


The flooring in this apartment in Lithuania comprises pieces of marble, travertine and granite embedded in a white cement binder to creating a gigantic terrazzo effect. Studio Do Architects combined the colours used for the furnishings with the textures of the materials to create an elegant palette of soft colours ranging from rouge to maple.

Credits: Norbert Tukaj


Salute is a collection of tables where marble is combined with metal. Designed by Sebastian Herkner for Parisian company La Chance, these sculptural and high-impact products are available in various sizes and colour shades.

Credits: Bloc Studio


This elegant kitchen designed by Arjaan De Feyter, based in Wijnegem, Belgium, is marked by an interesting contrast between slabs of grey travertine, concrete and stained ash wood.

Credits: Piet-Albert Goethals


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