German Natural Stone Award 2018

The German awards for Natural Stone are organised by the Stone Association( DNV) in collaboration with Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA. These awards value the construction that places the emphasis on natural stone as a building material, its properties and processing methods compatible in interaction with other building materials.

The winners of the 2018 edition, in the different categories, have been the following-


Public Buildings and Commercial Buildings

New building of the Historical Museum of Frankfurt.

Architects: Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei, Stuttgart

Photos: Roland Halbe, Stuttgart

museo1.jpgmuseo4 copia.jpg

museo2 copia.jpgmuseo3 copia.jpg


Design of landscape and open spaces

Redesign of the market of Bad Lauchstädt and the surrounding areas.

Architects: Landscaping Architecture WES with H.-H. Krafft; Engineering RINNE &PARTNER, Dirk Godehardt and Michael Zech (Berlin and Hamburg)

Photos: Helge Mundt, Hamburg

paisajismo 1 copia.jpg

paisajismo 2 copia.jpgpaisajismo 3 copia.jpg


Massive components and refurbishment

Museum Barberini, Potsdam

Architecs: Hilmer & Sattler and Albrecht Gesellschaft from Architekten mbH, Berlín

Photos: Stefan Müller, Berlín


barberini2 copia.jpgbarberini3 copia.jpg


Single family and multi-family homes

Schwabinger Tor N10, Munich

Architecto: Max Dudler, Berlín

Photos: Stefan Müller, Berlín

edificio munich 1 copia.jpgedificio munich 2 copia.jpg

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