Stone tables with design inspired by water forms

During Marmomac, Verona, 2018 six designers completed the challenge of capturing the forms of water modelled by streams, the sea and the rain in so contrasting a material as stone. In the "Ristorante dAutore" / STONE POOL that forms part of the representation of the Italian Theatre of Stone,  tables made in different natural stones with the state-of-the-art Italian technology, constituted the exhibition “The Shape of Water”, a combination of art and functionality that creates a magical, evocative surroundings.


Luca Facchini - Polo Sciolto copia.jpg

“Polo Sciolto”, Luca Facchini / INTERMAC


Luca Facchini - Porto di Mare copia.jpg

“Porto di Mare”, Luca Facchini / LAVAGNOLI MARMI


Michela Baldessari- Specchio d'acqua copia.jpg

“Specchio d’acqua”, Michela Baldessari / MONDO MARMO DESIGN


Michela Baldessari_La Plage AcquaAzzurra copia.jpg

“La Plage Acqua Azurra”, Michela Baldessari / MONDO MARMO DESIGN


Paolo Criveller - Reflections copia2.jpg

“Reflections”: Paolo Criveller & Hiroyouki Yamada / INTERMAC


Paolo Criveller - Solid copia.jpg

“Solid”, Paolo Criveller / LAVAGNOLI MARMI


Silvia Sandini - Brezza di Mare copia.jpg

"Brezza di mare" Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.


Silvia Sandini - Stop plastic bag in the sea copia.jpg

"Stop plastic bags in the sea" Silvia Sandini / C.M.M.


Valerio Facchin - erosione copia.jpg

“Erosione”, Valerio Facchin / ATHENA MARMI


Valerio Facchin - Raining copia.jpg

“Raining",  Valerio Facchin / ESSEGI MARMI




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