July,2018.- The quartz manufacturer Caesarstone Ltd has appointed a new CEO, Mr Yuval Dogim. 


Stone Infinite - Product Design Show, Xiamen 2018

During the last edition of the Xiamen Stone fair, from 6 to 9 March 2018, simultaneously an exhibition” Stone Infinite-Product Design Show” was held with the objective of highlighting how natural stone could be used to create products of domestic use without excluding the design element, but also without forgetting that the functionality of an object should remain the main objective and, therefore, the appearance should be subject to the limitations of functionality.

Exports and imports of natural stone of Brazil in 2017- a summary

Export turnover

Exports of Brazilian ornamental rocks and diverse products amounted to US$ 1.107 billion and 2.36 million tons in 2017. These figures mean a 2.74% decline in turnover and a 4.10% decline in physical volume as compared to the year 2016. Processed stone accounted for 80.45% of the total in 2017, similar to the figure of 80.15% in 2016.


Average price

International Architecture Contest ARCHISTONE 2017

During the fair "Beautiful Houses.Russian Architectural Salon", "Interior Salon" and "Stone Salon", that took place in October 2017, an International Competition for Architects, ARCHISTONE, was introduced. In this competition, organised by the publishing house Beautiful Houses with the support of the Union of Architects of Russia and Union of Architects of Moscow, several projects were presented.

A unique bar made in granite

In the restaurant “ A Barra”, in Madrid (Spain), which boasts of one Michellin star rating, the central bar is the most striking element of the place ( as suggested by the name “Barra” which mean Bar). Its dimensions and special characteristics, its elaboration, was a real challenge for all those who were involved in the project.

barra 1 copia.jpg