WONASA REPORT: Comparative government policies for quarrying of natural stone

Government policies related to quarrying of natural stone vary from country to country, in fact, in big sized nations where the administration is decentralised, policies may vary from province to province. Mining policies are often a complex issue, and government policies also vary frequently to reflect new sensibilities and priorities.

Below is a very simplified version of different mining policies affecting the natural stone industry in 10 different countries as they exist in the month of November 2020.


Thanks to  Mr Ali Sayacki, Mr Anders Leidefalk, Mr Claude Abdalla, Ms Francelina Pinto, Mr Heikki Palin, Mr José Ángel Lorenzo, Mr Mahesh, Mr Mikhael Selezniov, Mr Rogerio Antonio and Mr Veeramani for the information provided for this report.


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