Urban planning project in Bordeaux (France): fountains in aged JBernardos phyllite

Esplanade Jean Valleix / Allée Jean Monnet

This "small metropolitan space" is a pedestrian space that interconnects the tramway and the densely vegetated public spaces and welcomes a public fountain with a water mirror and another with round fountains at ground level. The water emanating from the fountains is recovered by an ingenious system of drain pipe gutters  to return to the closed circuit of the fountains.

The project is perfectly integrated in the existing environment, with adapted volumes, a combination of housing, retail, offices, organised around public spaces (the square, the streets, etc.). The houses show great quality based on an interior/exterior relationship (multi orientation, outdoor spaces, views, etc.), a variety of typologies, an equilibrium between collective housing and individual homes.


Naturpiedra JBERNARDOS (Segovia, Spain) supplied between 2020 and 2021 aged phyllite JBernardos for:


- Aged phyllite JBernardos tiles 95x20/30x6 cm


 - Drain pipe gutters  for water evacuation (main format 95x40x10 cm)


- Drain pipe gutters  with grid type cut-outs for water recovery


- T" or "L" shaped corner and junction drain pipe gutters  (40x40x10 cm format)


- Special pieces with  edges in the area of water mirros


- Perimeter kerbs with two bevels (95x32×10 cm)


- 5 round fountains composed of 4 joined elements (diam 180x17 cm).



LIBERATION PROJECT / Bordeaux (France)


440 new dwellings

Activities and shops: 4600 m2

Public spaces: 15400 m2

Architects: Agence Base

Supply and processing of stone for the fountains: NATURPIEDRA JBERNARDOS, Segovia (Spain)