Spotlight on Hungary Stone industry

1. The total number of stone companies in Hungary in 2022 is around 1600. About 20 years ago the number was around 3000. Everyone imports directly, or tries to.

2. Hungary is a country of castles( there are 103 of them in the relatively small country of 10 million people). Castle renovation has become a big business in recent years and is one of the important motors of demand for natural stone. Many of these castles are being converted to luxury hotels or for other uses. The National Hauszmann Program, a big renovation project, is all about castle renovation in Buda.

3. Hungarian travertine is in big demand. It was widely used in the past. The quarry, though, is relatively small, with limited production. Therefore, travertine is being imported from Italy and Turkey to the extent of 60 to 70% of the total demand.

4. Private homes construction is on the increase. Also commercial centres and construction in city centres.

5. Swimming pools in Hungary and sports arenas are being built and that is another application for natural stone. Travertine is frequently used there.

6. In interior design uniqueness is a very important criteria for designers and also for end consumers. People with high purchasing power prefer natural stone, granite, marble, onyx, etc.

7. Many stone companies say the current period is one of the best  for them since several years. One reason may be the number of stone companies is less than before.The stone industry has picked up strongly during the last decade, probably the EU subsidiary funds also have something to do with the increased demand.

8. The demand for granite is fulfilled from Italy, Turkey, China and India though the recent high shipping costs and logístical issues has reduced imports from Asia. Portphyry from Italy is popular as is also Rosa Beta from Italy, Carrara marble, Travertine Romano and Travertine from Denizli.

Italy's relatively geographical advantage means  Hungarian stone companies find it more convenient to buy from that country


A unique violín made of marble

Mr Molnar Sandor of  the company Varaszko, located in Pilisvörösvar( Hungary) makes a unique claim. Over the years, during his spare time, he has lovingly crafted manually a violin made of Carrara marble. He says it is the only such violin in the world. And it is not for sale.