Exports and imports of natural stone in Brazil - 2014


In the year 2014 the Brazilian exports of ornamental stone and cladding reached 1.276 billion US$, corresponding to physical volume of almost 2.5 million tons. Processed stone consisted of almost 80% of sales and more than half of the total physical volume exported. Rough stone, on its part, represented 20.69% of sales and 48.84% of total physical volume exported.

In decreasing order of sales, the products most exported were: granite and similar slabs, slate products, slabs of carbonate rocks (marble, limestone and travertine), quartzite blocks, products of foliated quartzite and blocks of carbonate rocks.
Exports to USA increased by 2.45% in value and 3.19% in volume with respect to 2013, reaching the figure of US$ 790 million and 971000 tons, respectively. Processed stone represented 99.94% of sales and 99.92% of physical volume. The average price of products exported to USA hardly changed with respect to 2013 (US$810/ton).
Exports to China decreased by 21.75% in value and 23.39% in volume with respect to 2013, reaching figure of US$144 million and 788000 tons.
This was the first year in almost two decades in which the volume of exports to China was less than to USA. With respect to value, exports to USA, mostly slabs, had an average price 4.5 times greater than the value of exports to China.
The Brazilian imports of natural stone reached in 2014 the figure of US$ 67.65 million and 98,917 tons, which meant a decrease of 2.86% and 9.43%, respectively, with respect to 2013. Processed stone constituted almost 80% of value and 72.7% of volume, of these imports.
Slabs of marble, limestone and travertine constituted 62.75% of total volume of imports and blocks of these materials 24.17%.
Source: Report “Balanço das Exportações, Importações, Produção e Consumo Interno Brasileiro de Rochas Ornamentais em 2014”, elaborated by the geologist Cid Chiodi Filho – Kistemann & Chiodi Assessoria e Projetos, for ABIROCHAS. Date: Base ALICE do MDIC.