33 common characteristics of stone people

by Anil Taneja anil.litosweb@gmail.com


In the difficult times, a bit of humour can help to make it easier. Laughing at oneself is one medicine these days. Do you recognise yourself in some of these characteristics? 


1. By and large very hard working people.

2. Very poor delegators, company owners insist on making decisions on the smallest matters.

3. Most companies not well organised.

4. Cronic inability to plan anything.

5. Heavy whatsapp users.

6. Not afraid to travel to difficult places with  unfamiliar languages and different customs.

7. Above average travellers.

8. Heavy consumers of hard alcohol. Very familiar with a wide range of brands.

9. When not vegetarians, generally speaking, red meat eaters, looking down on tofu eaters and other “sophisticated” cuisine.

10. Prefer big portions of food, not impressed by small portions of modern cuisine served by waiters wearing white gloves.

11. Shoes tend to be full of dust; very appreciative of good quality working boots

12. Not much bothered about fashion trends.

13. Very early risers - very late to bed.

14. No sense of normal working hours.

15. Doers, not talkers. Poor communicators.

16. Very poor at returning messages of suppliers unless there is an urgent need - then they won't stop calling.

17. Very fast at returning messages of potential buyers.

18. Generally speaking, tend to be suspicious of others.

19. Tend to value more things that can be measured in m3, m2 or tons.

20. Endowed with a good vocabulary of abuses.

21. Tend to have antagonist relationship with architects- think they are ignorant snobs

22. Contemptuous of bureaucracy.

23. Generally speaking restless and impatient. High energy level.

24. Have visceral hatred of competitors.

25. Tend to have an extraordinarily deep knowledge of good restaurants everywhere in the world.

26. Mostly males.

27. Office tables are usually chaotic and disorganised.

28. Live their profession with great intensity and passion.

29. Unwilling to retire even when they are always complaining they are fed up of working.

30. Always looking down at the floors wherever they go to see what material it is made of.

31. Always looking closely at the stones even when they go on holidays.

32. Lack of ability to maintain any price for more than a few minutes. Always giving discounts.

33. Disproportionately high number of people  with super-egos


Thanks to Rogerio Moutinho, B.J. Khalsa and Paulo F. Giafarov for their inputs.