15 key questions to consider in stone industry in 2020

Anil Taneja


1.- Will there be greater penetration of big format porcelain in US market? If so, will it be at the cost of quartz or of natural stone?

2.- Does the German government finally loosen public spending to boost the economy that is currently slowing down? This goverment decision could lead to more public works with use of natural stone.

3.- Does the Indian economy finally come out of its deep economic slump? The local market for natural stone has faced a severe unexpected cyclical slowdown in 2019.

4.- Do more natural stone companies start exhibiting in a signficant way in interior design, landscaping, etc. fairs displaying new applications?

5.- Do we finally see new textures/finishes in stones presented by the natural stone companies?

6.- Has the Brazilian economy turned the corner after almost a decade of recession and finally shows sign of more construction activity in the local market?

7.- Will the prices of porcelain drop to such an extent that many wholesalers and fabricators  find it more interesting to work with natural stone again due to better margins?

8.- Will there be some sign of recovery in the construction industry in the Middle East now that the wars in the region are expected to wind down?

9.- Will there be a stimulus by the Chinese government leading to a serious boost in the construction activity? For many quarry companies China is their only market.

10.- Will the US market remain dynamic as it has been during last 5 years? Many experts predict some kind of slowdown, but will it affect home renovation where natural stone is used most?

11.- Eastern European markets are expected to be dynamic during 2020. But will a slowdown in Germany take away some of the dynamism in these countries?

12.- Will the artificial materials take away more market share of natural stone in European markets?

13.- Will Brexit lead to a serious decline in demand for stone due to less economic activity?

14.- Will white/grey colour continue to be in fashion or some new colour starts being in demand?

15.- Will the Far East Asian countries start becoming really important markets for stone exporters?