Unique marble, ZEBRINO GOLD®, in luxury bathrooms (Sponsored)

The company LUIS SÁNCHEZ MÁRMOLES, based in Macael (Spain), with more than 50 years, now with the third generation running the company which has own quarries, presents unique marble ZEBRINO GOLD, for luxury bathrooms. The sizes supplied by the company, have been standardized to the format 244 cm / 96 inches 45 cm/ 18 inches in 2 cm thickness for easy and convenient installation.

zebrino gold 1.jpg

zebrino thick_0.jpg



The company also has its own quarry of Calacatta Luis Sánchez, Blanco Luis Sánchez and Exotic Gold.

calacata luis sanchez copia.jpg

Calacatta Luis Sánchez


blanco luis sanchez.jpg

Blanco Luis Sánchez


exotic gold luis sanchez copia.jpg

Exotic Gold


blanco macael.jpg

Blanco Macael


Texture in Blanco Luis Sánchez:



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