Grupo Guidoni presents Topzstone Absolute




Grupo Guidoni presents Topzstone Absolute



Natural quartz surfaces bring ideal monochrome tones for minimalist decor


Countertops, furniture tops, walls and floors that strictly follow the minimalist style: where “less is always more”. This is one of the possibilities of the collection Topzstone Absolute, brought to you by Grupo Guidoni, which brings in its portfolio natural quartz surfaces with an intense monochrome background based on the classic pure colors White and Black, showing the versatility of the design of the coating through the contemporaneousness of the tones that never go out of style.

The novelty has the intrinsic characteristics of the raw material: zero porosity, unique quality, superior durability, high resistance to scratches, stains, impacts and some chemical elements, practicality and ease of use, cleaning and maintenance. That's why Topzstone Absolute has 25 years of full warranty coverage.


The plates measure 1.62 x 3.25m and the main indication of use is in benches - kitchens, covered balconies, toilets and laundries -, tops of different furniture - such as tables and benches - as well as walls, vertical panels, floors and stairs.


Check out below the designs that make up the collection Topzstone Absolute:


guidoni black.jpg

Absolute Black: The surface creates a poetic reminder to the intense night sky, where the ebony tone of peculiar beauty makes the piece ideal for more intimate and introspective ambiences;


guidoni white.jpg

Absolute White: The purity of white is the highlight of the surface, with a clean background that offers a tranquility and serenity mood, following the most current trends that cherish subtle elements in decoration.



The versatility of the Topzstone surfaces


Natural quartz materials can be used in different places as architectural or decorative elements


With the constant evolution of the coatings market, new finishing options are created to meet the different needs of consumers: differentiated colors, unique sizes and versatility of use are some of the key points when choosing the material. In this sense, Topzstone natural quartz surfaces, presented by Grupo Guidoni, count on a wide variety of tones and possibilities of designs.

With almost 50 designs - including hot and cold monochrome tones, patterns inspired by classic marbles and shiny dots surfaces -, Topzstone follows contemporary tones and styles that excel in cosmopolitan design typical of metropolises, revealing itself in a plethora of nuances, designs and movements to compose different ambiences.

Developed with state-of-the-art technology, the coatings bring quartz purity as an almost exclusive raw material, which guarantees perfect finishes, greater durability and resistance to scratches, stains and impact, as well as practicality and ease of use, maintenance and cleaning.

Combining technical innovation with refined aesthetics - highlighted by chromatic versatility - Topzstone can be applied as an architectural element - when carved into countertops and sinks in gourmet areas or bathrooms and toilets - or as a unique decorative finish on vertical panels, staircases, floors, walls and furniture tops in general.

 Here are some of the Topzstone patterns and possible designs:

guidoni concret.jpg

Concret - Based on an intense shade of gray, the model delves into the look and feel of the concrete to bring a perfect surface for projects that follow the modern industrial style with a consistent and elegant design;


guidoni graphics.jpg

Graphics:  In an interpretation of the natural sophistication of marble, the surface has large gray veins that intersperse with the golden features, creating on the surface an elegant cascade that stands out against the neutral softness of the base.


 guidoni nocciola.jpg

Nocciola:  Featuring a lighter nuance of brown, the lining is ideal for adding a touch of warm color to typically colder ambiences - such as kitchens and bathrooms;


guidoni whitelights.jpg

White Lights: Bringing a combination of clear white background with shiny mirror points, the plate brings a mood of optimism to spaces with a very contemporary effect;


guidoni street bellini.jpg

Street Bellini:  With veins and strokes in gray – an allusion to the chalkboard décor - the surface features an intense dark background with soft organic lines that create an extremely sophisticated mood to the surroundings




Guidoni Group presents the Topzstone Downtown Collection


The Guidoni Group has included in its Topzstone portfolio the Downtown Collection, which makes more neutral colors - such as white, black, grey and brown - a reflection of cosmopolitan life on natural quartz surfaces with an intense monochrome background. The color palette was selected to create highly contemporary environments, extolling a cleaner lifestyle, contrasting the bustle of big cities.

Composed of 15 different models, the collection brings together the almost 30 years of industrial expertise of the Guidoni Group with the intrinsic characteristics of natural quartz: zero porosity; unparalleled quality; superior quality; high resistance to scratches, stains, bumps and some chemical elements; reduced proliferation of molds and bacteria; practical and easy to use, clean and maintain. For these reasons, the slabs are indicated to finish countertops in gourmet spaces, intimate environments and service areas, in addition to tops for furniture in general - such as tables, bookcases and benches -, and vertical panels, walls, floors and stairs in internal areas.

Measuring 1.62 x 3.25m, the surfaces also have 25 years of full coverage guaranteed.

                Learn more below about some of the tones included in the Topzstone Downtown Collection by Guidoni:


Concrete – Based on an intense tone of grey, the model is immersed in the appearance and sensation of concrete to present a surface perfect for projects that follow the modern industrial style, with a consistent and elegant design;

topzstone concrete.jpg


Nocciola - Presenting a more discrete nuance of brown, this finish is ideal for adding a touch of warm color to typically cold environments - such as kitchens and bathrooms;

 topzstone nocciola.jpg


Royal - Adopting a classic and timeless color palette, this slab reflects a suave, warm and natural aesthetic. Consistent in its design, this surface brings subtlety in its color, which stands out for its simplicity;

topzstone royal.jpg


White Party - On a pure and clean off-white background, small points stand out to create minimalist environments with a more modern and cosmopolitan mood. Totally versatile, this surface adapts to different spaces and uses, creating from harmonic panels to countertops that extol beauty.

topzstone white party.jpg



Guidoni Group presents the Topzstone Urban Marble Collection

We present new natural quartz surfaces with a marble design


The union of timeless beauty, distinction and sophistication of marbles with modernity, consistency in standards and durability of the natural quartz surfaces. This is the concept of the Topzstone Urban Marble Collection, which presents surfaces inspired by the aesthetic of natural marble stones, with an elegant and cool lifestyle.

Composed of 12 different models, the release of the Guidoni Group presents details, seams and nuances similar to marble material, on surfaces that portray from intense tones of exquisite dark marbles - with delicate designs in light colors that stand out on the surface -, to stones with more subtle and lighter colors - with asymmetrical seams that inspire creativity in remodeling environments.

The Topzstone Urban Marble Collection portfolio has slabs that bring together the purity of quartz and state-of-the-art technology, which results in perfect finishes, with greater durability and resistance to scratches, stains and bumps, the product is also practical and easy to maintain, use and clean. It is technical innovation that results in a pure aesthetic.

Aiming for a cosmopolitan design typical of metropolises, the new features highlight different styles that compose the decoration, presenting in multiple ways in spaces: whether sculpted into a countertop, sink, furniture surfaces in general, the main suggested use of the material, or remodeling floors, walls, panels and stairs.

Check out some of the surfaces of the Topzstone Urban Marble Collection:


Graphics:  In an interpretation of natural sophistication of marble, Graphics has large gray seams that intersperse with gold features, creating an elegant cascading surface that stands out from the subtle neutral base.

topzstone graphics.jpg


Cool Venatino: The subtle white tone of Cool Venatino has subtle dark seams that spread across the surface, recreating in the industrialized material the beauty of the natural stone, where the delicateness of the designs appear with almost no interference over the opaque background.

topzstone cool venatino.jpg


Modern Beige:  The Modern Beige surface is composed of rich, earthy nuances that mix in a sophisticated harmony. The romantic interpretation of the darker marbles provide a refined aesthetic to environments, providing a feeling of coziness from the brown tone.

topzstone modern beige.jpg


Street Bellini:  With seams and lines in tones of gray - in an allusion to the pinstripe decor -, Street Bellini presents an intense dark background with subtle organic lines that create an extremely sophisticated mood for the environment.

topzstone street bellini.jpg




Guidoni Group presents the Topzstone Spotlight Collection

Surfaces of natural quartz give sparkling flashes to your decor


Countertops, furniture table tops, walls and floors that literally shine in your decor, modernized with finishes replete with small bright and shining details. This is one of the possibilities of the new Topzstone Spotlight Collection Guidoni, with a portfolio of natural quartz surfaces with a monochrome background set with subtle elements that reflect ambient light, making the slabs the main highlight of spaces.

Composed of eight different models, the surfaces follow a color palette that varies from vibrant tones to more neutral colors, showing the versatility in design finishes using contemporary tones and luster.

The new features have characteristics intrinsic in the raw material: zero porosity, unrivaled quality, superior durability, high resistance to scratches, stains, bumps and some chemical elements, practical and easy to use, clean and maintain. Therefore, the Topzstone Spotlight Collection by Guidoni provides coverage for a 25-year full guarantee.

The slabs measure 1.62 x 3.25m and the main suggested use is on countertops - in kitchens, covered gourmet terraces, bathrooms, wash basins and laundry rooms - surfaces for different furnitures - such as tables and benches - in addition to finishing walls, vertical panels, floors and stairs.

                Learn more details about the surfaces included in the Spotlight Collection:


White Lights: With a combination of a clear white background with a sparkling points reflected, the slab has a mood of optimism for spaces with a very contemporary feel.

topzstone white lights.jpg


Black Lights: This surface creates a poetic memory of a starry sky during an intense night, with shimmering highlights that stand out from the uniquely beautiful ebony tone;

topzstone black lights.jpg


Red Lights: With a strong personality, this stone eludes a neutral base and adapts perfectly to spaces with unique decor. The red color of the foundation is highlighted even more by the points that reflect ambient light; 

topzstone red lights.jpg


Gray Lights: Inspired by the industrial style, the surface has a gray background that reflects tones of concrete and cement, replete with shiny elements that reinforce the timeless mood of the slab.

topzstone gray lights.jpg


Blue Lights: The deep blue tone of this slab stands out in any type of remodel, where points of light scattered across the stone bring a light and happy air to environments;

topzstone blue lights.jpg


Brilliant Black: With an intense dark tone, the stone has subtle shiny points that run across the entire stone, making it ideal for more neutral environments;

topzstone brilliant black.jpg


Brilliant White: With a versatile neutral base that adapts to different decoration styles, the surface with reflective points follows more current trends that appreciates more subtle elements.

topzstone brilliant white.jpg






Topzstone by Guidoni: from Brasil the ideal solution for a modern and metropolitan house

Guidoni, the biggest granite exporter in Brasil, offers an innovative solution, born from the union of the purest quartz, worked with avant guard technology.


Guidoni, world leader in the extraction of ornamental stones and biggest exporter of granite in Brazil, launches Topzstone by Guidoni, the surface made with the purest quartz with avant guard technology that guarantees perfect cutting and duration.


Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms countertops, it can be also used as floor and walls covering, giving a contemporary touch to any ambience.


Its beauty is defined in a multitude of tones and movements, producing unique collections created in collaboration with the greatest trends of experts: Topzstone by Guidoni in fact reveals itself in an infinite range of colors and movements that are trendy, to always ensure a unique design .


Topzstone by Guidoni is the ideal solution to give in every space in the house an urban and contemporary touch, it could be through the lighting points that illuminate spaces in an contemporary way, like in the Spotlight collection, or in the absolutely consistent color, like in the Absolute collection, assuring an unmistakable metropolitan mood.



Guidoni offers the innovative Topzstone by Guidoni in five collections suitable for a modern and essential design:


Absolute: 2 homogeneous colors, white and black, to assure the cleanness of lines and essentiality of surfaces;

Absolute 1 copia.jpgAbsolute 2 copia.jpg



Downtown: 16 trendy colors, from warm tone of hazelnut to vanilla, to gray in its different nuance;

Downtown copia.jpg



Spotlight: 8 colors, from red to blue, from bright gray to white, to black, enriched with pieces of glass and mirror;

Spotlight copia.jpg



Urban Marble: 12 colors that replicate the patterns of natural stones;

Urban Marble copia.jpg



City Fragments: 5 colors, from warm cream to colder gray, with little grains that break the consistency in a unique way

City Fragments copia.jpg


A winning product because it combines beauty and practicality: it is contemporary, easy to clean, resistant and always beautiful.


Grupo Guidoni has over 25 years' experience in the extraction and processing of natural stone market.

Present in 70 countries on 5 continents, Guidoni Group has 100 thousand square meters of industrial plants, in Brazil and in Spain, more than 40 quarries for extraction and two distribution centers in Brazil and Italy, thus confirming itself as the leading granite exporter of Latin America.